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An Independent Medical Review is a process where Physicians/Physical Therapist/Nurses review medical cases to provide claims determinations for health insurance payers, workers compensation insurance payers or disability insurance payers. Peer review also is used to define the review of sentinel events in a hospital environment for quality management purposes such as analyze a bad outcome and determine whether there was any mis-diagnosis, mistreatment, or any systemic problems involved which led to the event.

A critical part of any case is to prepare a medical summary based on the facts from the medical records from all treating physicians. Medical records provide you with a clear story of any client’s past medical history as well as the need for future medical care.

Let our Medical Professionals who are trained to review, chronologize and summarize your client’s medical records assist you.  Rehab Expert & Consulting will provide you with an easy to follow outline of medical services in a written report containing all summarized medical notes.

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